About books and men

Posted: December 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

There is nothing strange in finding a map or having a wizard knocking at your door, at least if you’re a character in a book.
That’s the way books start, normally. Something improbable or unpredictable happens and everything moves on from there.
If you’re a character in a book, this may happen to you several times in you life and you’re kinda sure you’ll survive till the end. Also, in the middle, you’ll have a chance to get some fun or to live some amazing adventures.
But if you’re just a man, like me and you, you must remember nothing is sure but for death.
And that you chance, might never come.
No matter how hard you are looking for it.

Sense of proportion

Posted: November 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

Sense of proportion: Mr.Frattini (Italian minister for foreign affairs) about Wikileaks: “It’s the 11th of Semptember of world diplomacy”.

Apparently, after this, he whispered “And Mr.Berlusconi is a great leader. Taller than he looks on tv, too…”

Journey through madness

Posted: November 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

A “journey through madness”, could be a easy methaphor for “life”.
Too easy, maybe.

Nevertheless, getting ready to enter into the infamous “forties”, I can’t avoid to feel as if everything around me was loosing sense or, at least, it was getting less and less important (when not meaningless at all).
Maybe it’s just because I’m trying to look around with the eyes of my 15 months old son, a very interesting and quite new (or old?) perspective indeed. Maybe is because I’m – actually – getting old.

So where is the madness in all this?
The madness is, I guess, to keep going (and going), without thinking it’s all worthless (and empty). Living as if it was a day by day routine.

Moreover, my personal madness, is to keep considering myself a “writer”, while maybe I’m just an average IT tech.
Or, viceversa,  madness would be to accept be just an average IT tech, while I could be a more than average writer.

In the meanwhile, time passes by like a steam engine and I keep writing here and there, leaving footprints around.

Surely, one day, I will find the solution of this riddle.
Even more “surely”, one day, it won’t matter anymore.